Thursday, October 04, 2012


While on venture of learning zbrush, I decided to take a bite of hardsurface. I gotta admit, that at some point of creation process focus on technicalities took over the attention of general design... I found this as a good lession taken for future projects tho.
Anyway, I HIGHLY recommend looking at zbrush hardsurface DVDs with Mike Jensen as well as amazing sketches from Mike Nash - not only educational to the max, but also a huge inspiration boost!


Mark Tompkins said...

Looking cool Maciej!

cat.z.dreamer said...

I like your work!

VertexBee said...

Impressive work, Maciej !
Did you spend time for setting materials and rendering or it is mostly overpainting ?

Wladimir Matos Reyes said...

This is so good! love the realistic look.

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