Thursday, September 27, 2012

zbrush doodles

After months of heavy labor with many cool projects I finally freed up some time for personal stuff.. and I thought it's about time to get up to with 3d.. I recently picked up modo and already used it in some production work, now it's time for zbrush!
These are my babysteps after few days of intensive gnomon dvd's marathon. I came to realize going zbrush/modo is totally unlike anything i've done in concept art field so far. Very refreshing, yet extremly challenging. Alot of first time mistakes on these designs, especially anatomy-wise. Let's see where it gets me :)


Cyrus Crashtest said...

Really like the second one.
I've sadly not yet managed to work in 3D very much (well, software wise at least - used to do a lot of claywork), but aside from blender, theres not much in terms of free software as far as I know, and you need a decent rig to make good use of it.
Looking forward to seeing more!

Peter Yong said...


Just want to say that I love your work
Thanks for the inspiration!

Stryke (the Aerozopher) said...

interesting works

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jamie holmes said...

Fucking hell this is cool. Pardon me French.


Unknown said...

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Jyoti said...

Nice doodle :) Details are very good and nice colors. Have a wonderful day :)
Nice post! Have a nice week ahead!

zohaib anwer said...

keep it up thanks for sharing

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