Sunday, July 25, 2010

Hell, it's about time...

I've finally forced myself to sit down a little longer with iPad, take the the fact of non-existent pressure sensitivity and lack of cintiq at home (for a time beeing at least), played SC2 ghost from the past trailer for the 50th time and after roughly 3hrs with 'Brushes' app and another 30 seconds with photoshop to crank up the contrast, here is what I've ended up with. Handling the image without pressure sensitivity is really annoying, however, thought me little different approach to handle soft gradients. The option for opacity change based on stroke speed is awesome!

I gotta say, Brushes is so MUCH better app than Sketchbook for iPad.

Hell, it's about update this long forgotten blog :D


Andrew Kim said...
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Andrew Kim said...

Pretty Cool, Maciej!
Where's the other one that you were working on last week?? :)
It certainly deserves a spot here!! :)