Friday, October 17, 2008

cudos to budapest guys

For those who are into FP shooter games, freaking cudos to Crytek Budapest guys. They did awesome job delivering warhead in such a shape and in such a short time. I didnt't personally have a chance to work on it, tho seen it in action and it rocks!

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Anonymous said...

Warhead runs worse than Crysis. I can play Crysis on 64-bit DX10 Very High from start to finish at 1280x960 but I had to lower Warhead's settings to Gamer and the res to 1024x768 in some parts. There's also *massive* stuttering on ice levels. I've tried everything I can think of to fix the ice stuttering - no solution. I believe that Warhead requires 4GB of RAM (I have 2GB) to make it playable on same res/settings than Crysis.

I'd guess Crytek Budapest has not done enough quality assurance because there's so much diversity in the performance. Some say it runs faster, some say there's no difference and some, like me, say it runs mostly slower. I've had one BSOD and two crashes so far and some really annoying graphics glitches too. I'm of the opinion that Warhead had lower production values than Crysis. It's much less polished.

Warhead's ice caves look amazing, but otherwise the ice levels look much worse than in Crysis. Bad choice of TOD and other visual settings I guess. I didn't know snow was blue. There's some really mighty fine looking moments in Warhead, though, it has to be said. Explosions are much more satisfying in Warhead. I also love that there's more enemies coming at me. Makes the battles even more intense than in Crysis.